The perfect travel companion

Waterless Humidification.

The AirMini's unique HumidX system places the mask vent beneath the inline moisture exchanger for more effective humidification.

Smartphone Compatible.

Change your machine settings and view your usage

through the AirMini iOS or Android mobile app.

Unparalleled Size.

The AirMini is the smallest and lightest travel

CPAP machine available.


$995 - includes AirMini

(no insurance accepted, available for sale only)

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When will my insurance allow

a new mask and tubing?


In Stock TODAY!

Call 989-9902 to check your eligibility

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Worlds smallest CPAP

$299 + tax

adapter for Resmed S10 - $15

Retail prices for sleep

equipment and supplies


Technology...our remote monitoring program uses cellular signals to track your progress.  If any problems arise, we work with you and your doctor to quickly address them and get you on track to a better nights sleep!